Diamond Rings

An engagement ring should ooze a tremendous deal of thought. It should not be confined to the norm nor should its design be forced to fit into a certain mould. This is why more and more people are looking for custom-designed engagement rings that set themselves apart from any other engagement ring. In the quest to achieve this, many people have found themselves wondering how they can custom-design their engagement rings, instead of buying off-the-shelf rings.

At a glance, designing your engagement ring may seem like a very difficult task to delve in. However, on the contrary, it can be a very simple task, so much so that even the novice engagement ring designers can conduct the task successfully. More astonishing is the fact that you can do all this in the comfort of your home.

All it takes is a little research to get an understanding of the various aspect of designing an engagement ring and taking your ideas to an online engagement ring retailer to have your diamond designed.

Researching On Diamond Designing

Researching on the how to design an engagement should focus on the material used to make engagement rings and the various setting styles that you can choose from.

Material Used To Make The Engagement Ring

One of the obvious material used to make an engagement ring is the diamond. In this regard, you should focus on educating yourself on the various elements pertaining to diamonds. The first and most important should be the cut of the diamond. This influences how well the diamond will shine under light.

The second thing is the shape of the diamond. There are several diamond shapes, including the Round, Princess, eEerald, Oval, Radiant, Asscher, and Cushion, each influencing the spectre of the diamond differently. The third element is the clarity of the diamond and the fourth is the color of the diamond.

After understanding everything there is to know about a diamond, you should delve into the material that the diamond will be set upon. The most popular element includes white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

Ring Setting

Diamond setting is basically the structure of the engagement ring and how the various elements will be formed to make a ring. There are numerous styles and in the plethora of variety, many people get confused about which style they would want the ring for their better half to have. Some of the setting include:

Prong Setting – A prong can either be rounded, flat, pointed or V-shaped. Usually, there four to six prongs holding the diamond in place. However, you should ensure that the prong setting you have in mind does not protrude too much as it may snag clothes.
Bezel Setting – In this setting, the diamond id held in place with a thin metal case, as opposed to prongs. It is the preferred setting for active life.
Tension Setting – This is where the diamond is held in place between two metal bands. This type of setting can feature classical tension setting or Bezel tension setting.
Other types of setting include Pave Setting, Channel Setting, Cathedral Setting, Halo Setting, and Bar Setting.

Once you have a full understanding of all these aspect, you can now turn to an online engagement ring retailer and follow their customization process until you end up with a ring that you have in mind. In most case, the process begins with choosing the kind of diamond you want. After that, you get to choose the setting that you fancy. This is followed by choosing the metal for the ring.

However, be sure to shop around so as to find the best deal possible. Do not end your quest with the first online engagement retailer you find.

All the diamond buying might be a little different if you are a non-US resident. For that kind of cases, we suggest getting a US LLC first. Constitutionalist church would be more than happy to assist you in this process.  Otherwise, we simply suggest getting diamond information on wikipedia.